I’m O 100% Organic Panty liner

You can feel natural comfort in 100% organic cotton underwear.

100 years of pure organic cotton

Our organic farming method has continued its 100 years history through three generations, uses 100% organic cotton, which has been certified for the first time in Korea, including ECOCERT.

Instant absorption layer

Quickly absorbs large amounts of secretion and keeps freshness all day long.

Breathable cover

Breathable organic cotton cover keeps your skin fresh and dry all day with its high ventilated design.

Three-dimensional embossing

Customized convex line fits snugly to your curves, ensuring that effluents are effectively absorbed and locked in.

I'mO 100% Organic cotton cover

Panty Liners (Regular) 

For daily hygiene routine

20 pads in each pack

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