I'mO Story

Four promises of organic sanitary pads

Eco-friendly from cotton farming to process

Under our strict quality control, all production processes adhere to 100% eco-friendly manufacturing system.

I'm O organic topsheets made of 100% natural ingredients and certified from ECOCERT for the first time in Korea.

No harmful substance added

We didn't use any chemicals such as chlorine bleach and shrink-proof conditioner.

Premium breathable cover with soft touch.

Organic cotton cover keeps your skin fresh and dry all day with its high ventilated design.

'According to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety test, 
our organic sanitary pad is safe in terms of hazardous substances.'

"How is the safe sanitary pad that our precious daughters will use in whole lifetime made?"

Why Ladybug?

A gift from Ladybug, Organic cottoning technique.

Our cotton sanitary pads use pure cotton grown in ladybug farming method that makes ladybugs eat aphids and pests. Also using healthy soil that has not been exposed to chemical materials for more than three years.

The Beetles of Our Lady

Ladybugs work hard always to make women can use sanitary pads without worrying about it.

In pesticides and chemicals, neither insects nor humans can survive. Ladybugs help cotton grow well without using pesticides by removing the aphids of cotton. Did you know that the sanitary pad, which should be the safest, has many problems? 'I'm O' have been thinking and researching for 10 years now, and trying to make all of our processes and products are completely organic cotton.

"How are organic sanitary pads made 

without a chemical process?"

Step 1.

Freezing and drying harvests without defoliant

Unlike the regular way, which is harvested by spraying defoliant, a freeze-drying method is using that harvest after when cotton leaves fall naturally.

Step 2.

Aqua spunlace(water-using weaved textile) made by spraying high-pressure water

We are using pure high-pressure water streams to intertwine the fibers, and by giving it elasticity and flexibility, we have enhanced the softness.

Step 3.

Ultra-high-temperature plasma sterilization

Sterilize manufactured fibers with ultra-high temperature plasma technique at 140 to 160 degrees to eliminate microorganisms and germs.

"What kind of certification do genuine organic sanitary pads get?"

We're Over Certified

It is proven to be a safe sanitary pad with the approval of the regimented 

French examination agency ECOCERT.

ECOCERT Certification

Certification for products containing not less than 95 percent natural ingredients or 5 to 10 percent organic ingredients.

OCS 100

Organic Standard Certification for products that comply with the organic standard in the entire process and contain more than 95 percent organic cotton.

OTCO Certification for cotton material

It is a certification that organic production has continued for at least three years without using chemicals such as pesticides..

GOTS Certification for Fabrication

Certification for product that contains organic cotton more than 70%, Non-toxic heavy metals, No formaldehyde and Non GMO.

"99% satisfaction with mild and no irritation, evaluated by 400 people in Allure magazine. Many women are looking for I’m O again."

"Meet I’m O Ladybug here."

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